We tested out BRYT Skincare - the latest botanical beauty range which could be just what we need to brighten up our winter skin.

BRYT Skincare definitely catches the eye when you see it on the pharmacy shelf. They are wrapped in bright multi coloured labels – all pinks, purples, reds, oranges and blues. These are said to be chakra colours, which are all about positive energy. The bottles do brighten up your bathroom cabinet, I’ll give you that.

If you are looking for natural, guilt-free skincare, then BRYT might be the one. The brand came into the Irish market just this year. It is promoted as vegan, organic, fair trade and not tested on animals. They contain powerful antioxidants for skin hydration and repair. 

That’s all well and good, but does it actually work? I tried out two pieces from the brand – the Nourish Serum and the Day Moisturiser.

BRYT Skincare Women's Range

BRYT Skincare Women’s Range


One of the biggest things about the Nourish Serum is the Hyaluronic acid. This is something that is naturally found in our bodies that keeps in moisture and creates fullness. An extra kick of this is welcome on these cold winter days when your skin is losing moisture as it is attacked by the elements.

The serum smells lovely – something like the filling of a light lemon tart. Once it’s on it dries within a minute. This is your barrier base for your moisturiser. It’s also great before bed if you apply a thick layer for extra hydration.

dayMorning dew

BRYT Day is very creamy for a daily moisturiser that is supposed to suit all skin types and ages – but my skin did need those extra oils. BRYT day contains African Mongongo Oil – known as a super oil along the same lines as coconut oil. This texture does remain on your face for a while, so you do have to wait before applying any makeup.

After a week of using the two products, I do think that my skin seems softer and more healthy. Although the hydration is very oil-derived, so it might not suit people with oily skin. However, they do have a Calm Serum specially for oily/combination skin.dsc_08656-copy


Bryten the day

There’s something so cheery about this range that it sort of does brighten up your mood to see it. The fact that the packaging is so pleasant means it could be a nice gift in a set or hamper.

The BRYT collection is built around a recommended three-step method using their cleansing product before nourishing and protecting, which is an easy gift all wrapped up. They also have cleansing, washing and shaving products for men.

Where to buy

BRYT Skincare is available at www.beautyboutique.ie, and their Donegal stockist is ESKE Pharmacy Donegal Town. Prices start from €16.95 and go up to €29.95. It won’t be cheap to bring this basic brightness into your life – the Nourish Serum is €28.50 and the Day moisturiser is €24.95. If you can, test the consistency in store to see if it’s right for you.

Have you ever tried BRYT Skincare? Did you have the same experience? What would you like Donegal Woman to review next?