The call for extra funding for next year's Mary from Dungloe festival has received support across the board from local Councillors.

The international festival will be celebrating its 50 anniversary year in 2017. Cllr. Enda Bonner put forward a motion to the Donegal County Council for the funds to be raised to €10,000.

The festival next year will be celebrated from the 29th July to 7th August 2017. The anniversary party will see a reunion of the winners of the Mary from Dungloe festival and local Marys.

Gaeltacht Mary Eva Ni Dhoibhlinn was crowned as the 2016 Mary from Dungloe, and will be playing an important role in representing the festival this year.

The motion received widespread support, and the Councillors were pleased with the response.

Cllr. Maire Therese Gallagher said that the council are looking for more input from Donegal County Council to promote the festival as a county-wide festival because it benefits the whole county.

2016 crown winner Gaeltacht Mary Eva Ni Dhoibhlinn with Daniel O'Donnell.

2016 crown winner Gaeltacht Mary Eva Ni Dhoibhlinn with Daniel O’Donnell.

In March of this year, the festival received €3,000 from by Fáilte Ireland under its 2016 Festivals and Events Programme. The event is also sponsored by local businesses, festival promoters and those who select Marys to represent them at the Festival each year.