Based in Letterkenny, Aye Do creates illustrated, quirky wedding invites for fun couples that are looking for something a bit different for their big day. Founder of Aye Do, Ruth Graham, often jokes that she came up with the name for the company before the business idea was even formed, but what could be a better name for a company designing wedding invitations based in Donegal?!

bridezilla-stickersTheir designs are fun, bright, unique and stylish. With a new website and online ordering on the horizon, Ruth spoke with Donegal Woman to share her advice for the recently engaged.

We asked Ruth what advice she could offer couples when it comes to organising their stationary.

“Don’t leave your stationery to the last minute! Every stationer is different so definitely check with them how long in advance you’ll need to place your order. Conversations back-and-forth can take time, particularly with custom invites, so it’s best to start early.”  cow-wedding-invitation-close-up

Ruth added “When thinking of when you’ll want your invitations, remember you’ll be sending them out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, and you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to write them. Not even the best bridesmaid will want to help you with this job! Always Order. Extra. Invitations. Whatever your final number is, I recommend you add on at least 10 –  you’ll thank me for this later. You can be guaranteed that there will be a third cousin on your mum’s side that you’ve completely forgotten about and mistakes are so easily made when writing!” illustrated-couple-aye-do

“Ask your friends! If you have good friends who have been through it all before, ask them what they would do differently in the planning stages and learn from their mistakes.” Ruth stated, having worked with so many brides over the past few years, we would be inclined to take Ruth’s advice.






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When asked what trends she felt would be coming through over the next few months and years, Ruth gave us this insight.

“In terms of the stationery trends that I see for the next few years, envelope liners are huge! A pattern on the inside of your envelope that matches your invitations adds another dimension and really boosts the wow factor when your guests open them. Personally, I LOVE them and if you’re all about the little details, custom name stickers to match can be the perfect finishing touch to seal your envelope tight.” cover-photo-aye-do

Donegal Woman asked the “Aye Do” owner: what requests does she get most frequently when it comes to designing her invitations?

“I always get asked for invitations that are really personal, and illustrated invitations are the perfect option for that. A custom design means that if you want a cute illustration of you, your partner and your giant golden retriever on your invitation you can have it! Add in your kids, your cats or anything at all that’s important to you, so they can all be involved in this part of your big day. Also,  Instagram will love you.”

Aye Do’s designers are busy working on custom designs at the moment, with their new batch of off-the-shelf designs coming in 2017 will include some exciting secret collaborations. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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