A Burtonport couple had a surprise wedding gift from their fathers and another famous Father at their wedding reception last month.

Niamh Boner and Paul Ferry are the first couple to feature in the DW Weddings album series. As they gathered with family and friends for their reception, one speech took on a musical twist.

A video was broadcast to the newlyweds and their guests, who received an exclusive screening of an amazing music video. With the theme of love going strong, ‘Hungry Heart’ by Bruce Springsteen was the top track of the day.

Niamh and Paul’s fathers, Leo Boner and Owen Ferry, and Kincasslagh parish priest Fr Pat Ward had recorded a tribute to Bruce for their special day.

The three men donned the white tee and ripped jeans that Bruce famously wore on the album cover of Born in the USA. They each had the trademark red cap in their back pockets too.

Fr Ward became a national celebrity earlier in October when he took a selfie of another happy couple as they said ‘I do’. This time, he showed off his miming and guitar skills.

As if the three men’s stellar dancing and miming weren’t enough, they even decided to dress up Niamh and Paul’s dog Django – jeans and all. You might just say it was a Brilliant Disguise!

Sharing the video on Facebook after the big day, Niamh commented: “Leo Boner I think your speech is going to go down as one of the best father of the bride speeches of all time! Also big shout out to Pat Ward who was a vital part of the day, had us laughing from beginning to end. Your guest appearance in the speeches had the entire ballroom crying with laughter!!!”

The show came as a huge surprise to everyone at the Silver Tassie reception, Niamh told Donegal Woman.

“I’d say for both of us the best part of the day was that video, because it was so unexpected and it got a great laugh from everyone in the hotel.”

The inspiration behind the video came after Paul and Niamh went to see the real Bruce at Croke Park during the summer. The captured a great video of The Boss standing right in front of them, singing Hungry Heart.

The film shoot was done the week before the wedding and kept top secret before the big day.

“I think they all landed at the house, set up the backdrop and made it all within five minutes before I came home,” Niamh said.

This latest act is just another example of wedding parties going One Step Up! Have you got a wacky wedding story to share? Let us know by sending a message to news@donegalwoman.ie.

Niamh and Paul are the first couple to feature in Donegal Woman’s DW Wedding Album series, read their story and view their beautiful photo album here.