An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar found himself highly entertained by a new Covid-19 themed comedy short by Killea-native Alice Diver.

The parody video, featuring an impersonation of the Taoiseach as he enforces the Covid-19 lockdown, has gone viral on social media and has been a huge hit on TikTok.

Amid the seriousness of the pandemic, Mr Varadkar took some time to share some lighter content on his Facebook and praised Alice’s work.

“This made me laugh,” An Taoiseach wrote.

While the video shows ‘Varadkar’ trying to prevent Alice from leaving her house, the Taoiseach thought he should clarify the social distancing guidelines for anyone who might take it too literally.

He also felt he should confirm the CGI.

“I can confirm that is not me in this video. Leaving the house for exercise is ok, as long as it is within 2km,” he wrote.

Alice, who is well known for her comedy sketches on Facebook, has been propelled to TikTok stardom with this topical short.

The video has already been watched over 138,000 times on the app and over 10,000 times on Facebook.