Young baker Aoibhín O’Dea from Cácaí Aoibhín Gweedore has a little treat for DW readers this Christmas – her biscuit cake recipe with a festive twist.

With easy steps and lots of decorating options, this is a great one to make with kids during the holidays.

Perfect for an alternative dessert – or simply enjoy with a hot chocolate!

Christmas pudding-style biscuit cake by Cácaí Aoibhín

What you’ll need:

300g Dark chocolate
200g Milk chocolate
100g Golden Syrup
200g Butter
400g Chocolate Digestives
100g Mini Marshmallows
75g Malteasers
150g Icing Sugar
2 – 3 tbsp of Water
Decoration of choice
‘Add whatever chocolates or biscuits of your choice’


1. Grease and line a Medium sized plastic bowl with some melted butter and lines of Grease Proof paper running diagonally along, (creates a star shape in your bowl) 2. Melt the Chocolate, Butter and Golden Syrup in a heat resistant bowl over a Bain Marie

2. In a seperate bowl break up your biscuits into nice small chunks

3. Add your Marshmallows and Malteasers to the biscuits

4. Pour in your chocolate mixture and mix it through

5. Pour the Chocolate Biscuit mixture into your prepared bowl and leave to set in the fridge overnight

6. Once your cake has set remove from the fridge and tease it out of the bowl, you may need to heat the sides

7. To create your icing, add water to your icing sugar bit by bit until you achieve a thick icing.

8. Pour all of the icing onto the top of the cake and watch how it will drip down naturally

9. Decorate with Holly or colourful sweets of your choice.

10. Enjoy, Happy Christmas!

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