Author Sharon Thompson shares the chilling conclusion to her mysterious tale about two twins who aren't what they seem...

We were introduced to our protagonist Minnie in part one after she suffered a painful accident. After being hired to help out around the house of the unusual Tilby Twins, Minnie is disappointed to only encounter one of the twins in part two. Where was Minnie’s beau, Ernest?

His whereabouts were revealed in a shocking twist in part three – with the jawdropping conclusion being released today.

So without further ado, grab a coffee, put your feet up, and let’s revisit rural Ireland in the 1940s to discover how this story comes to an end…


The Tilby Twins, Part 4

Mammy is Mammy when I get home; but she isn’t the Mammy I knew.

I cannot stomach to go to Fern Hollow on Monday so I have one of my episodes on Sunday evening by the fire. Dottie’s unsure if I’m well enough to be left alone in bed. But I snuggle in trying to see all of the good things in the past.

‘Was it really a bull?’ McGovern had questioned a few times and Mammy’d ignored him and cried into her handkerchief. There’d been so much blood and Daddy hadn’t been much of a man when I found him. More like bits and pieces and mush on the grass. ‘Nothing other than an animal could’ve done that to Peter,’ McGovern had said and the Doc agreed.

The bull was shot.


The Tuesday sun is on my back as Dottie and I walk back up to Fern Hollow. Dottie by my side all the way in case I fall faint in the ditch.

The dog growls a bit but then wags her tail at me. Then the man I know as Edward appears out from the byre. ‘I’m glad you’re here today,’ he says. ‘Ernest’s left. I won’t be needing you anymore. He’s the one who felt sorry for ya.’

I write on my notebook, Ernest hasn’t left. And you’re not Edward.

I show the pad to Dottie and then thrust it at the man before me.

’What playing are you at Minnie?’ Dottie asks me pulling at my sleeve.

Of course those dark eyes cannot read and he says, ‘I need glasses.’

You killed my Daddy and Edward. This is Ernest, Dottie. He cannot read. Dottie gasps and watches those dark eyes squint and pretend to be blind.

‘Tell me the words,’ those lips I once loved say.

I hiss like a cat at the bastard.

‘She’s saying she’s happy to leave now. And thank you.’ Dottie pulls the note book away from his calloused hands.

‘My God Minnie, is this true?’ she whispers at me when we’re out the gate and on the road home. ‘He could’ve killed us both.’

I shrug. I really don’t care. Right now, I’d rather be dead. I write on the notebook for Dottie, And Mammy knows what he did. She helped him.