We apologise if even the sight of wine causes you nausea today

The Christmas party season is well and truly swinging, and there are a lot of sore heads around Donegal this morning after work nights out and other parties.

If you’ve had a bit too much mistletoe and wine, you might be nursing a delicate head today.

Studies by Vinepair.com have uncovered the reason why we suffer so badly with headaches after drinking red wine – and it’s a combination of three things.

Tannins, sugar and histamines are the three factors that work against us as we enjoy a glass of vino.

Headache expert Dr. Seymour Diamond told the Chicago Tribune that two cups of coffee before drinking wine can help reduce headaches, as the caffeine created tension in the blood vessels and does not let wine have such a harsh effect on our systems.

People who react badly to tannins will have headaches after drinking red wine. But it’s not just wine. Various teas, berries and spices are all sources of tannins, which can also give you a dry mouth. Opt for lighter coloured red wines for lower tannin levels.

High sugar content in some wines causes dehydration. Becuase you’re drinking it you might not realize how much sugar you’re taking in. Here’s a handy chart from WineFolly.com to help you choose the least sugary type:

How much sugar is in wine? From WineFolly.com

How much sugar is in wine? From WineFolly.com

Like allergies, some people react to the chemicals in wines and have headaches as a result. Vinepair.com said that food and drink that has been aged, like dry aged meat and wines can cause the body to create histamines. To prevent a histamine headache, they advise taking anti-histamines before drinking wine. Your everyday Claritin might do the trick.


See? You don’t have to all-out avoid red wine if that is your tipple of choice this Christmas.

As always, water is the best way to cure a hangover and the headache that comes with it. Try to drink a glass of water between each glass of wine to combat the dehydration. And know your limits! Having a Merry Christmas doesn’t have to mean a day of hiding out with a hangover the next day.